the fall / winter launch

the fall / winter launch

pine napkin //

Here it is – my fall / winter line! I'm beyond thrilled to be introducing these beautiful items for your home. There are three patterns in the line (actually two patterns at the moment, with the third and uber dramatic leaf pattern undergoing final tweaking), all inspired by my long walks in the woods near my house. The inspiration I find is endless, so my creative challenge is to capture what is most striking and bring it to life as a new design. And this season what struck me most were the elaborate patterns in nature: clusters of pine needles, rings of wood and veins of leaves. 

I also want to brag about the colors I chose – and when I say "I" that actually means "we" as in me and my textile design coach Leslie Arouh, who helped me narrow and edit my line because me trying to edit my line actually means me expanding my line, which kind of defeats the purpose of editing a line. It's a problem.

Anyhow, the colors in this line were chosen because I think they evoke the chilling of the season and the warmth we seek when nature cools down: cranberry, pumpkin, smokey grey, chartreuse, robin's egg, deep teal and onyx. After spending months working with these colors I am totally in love with every one of them. 


I could just lounge on the cranberry wood grain pillows all day! I love love love that color.

And here is a sneak peak of the leaf pattern. I can't wait for it to be fully ready to show you. I'll be printing the prototypes this week, so check back to see it in its final creation.

leaf pattern //

Check out my shop and let me know what you think – I'd love to hear from you!


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