my studio makeover

my studio makeover

Welcome to the first half of my studio. This is my designing/sewing/prototyping/playing loud music half. The screen printing/playing loud music half is still on hold, due to an incredibly difficult permit process to instal a sink. But I'll whine about that another time. Because how awesome is it that I have this half of my studio done?

It was designed by myself and Kathryn Whitman (my architect/designer/friend), then built by Mike Whitman (my contractor/dead animal remover of whatever my cat brings in/friend) and their Quatrefoil crew.

Having a studio is vital to my creative life — it’s where I can be my unedited self and create according to my own rules

The biggest consideration for my studio space was the layout because I don't like tripping over things when I'm working. I also have different work stations with separate functions, which keeps my supplies lumped together in certain areas. My sewing station, for example, functions best on a long table to fit my machine, a cutting board, an ironing pad and enough room to spread out.


So we decided to build (or actually I decided to have Quatrefoil build) said long table (12' long) from two layers of plywood and some cool iron legs I found on etsy. The only other thing I can tell you about constructing this table is that at one point it had a lot of clamps on it, presumably to keep the two plywood layers set while the glue dried – at least that's my guess.


As for my design table, I bought the IKEA Finnvard legs and had Quatrefoil build me another double layer plywood top. I also needed a gray square painted on it to save me from having to tape off my template each time. Very convenient.


I have to take a detour to tell you how much I love my thread holders. Because I love them so much. They're made from plywood scraps with nails. They work really well because I can see exactly what I have and they also look rainbow cool with the thread on them.


I screen printed the quote card: "there's puddles on every trail" as a reminder to my "self" that there are always challenges in life – so suck it up "self" and don't get discouraged. If you haven't gathered yet, I fight self-inflicted discouragement regularly. At least twice a week. And that's why, at the risk of sounding self-helpy, I make a concerted effort to tell myself positive things and spend time with other optimistic people. Thankfully, I have wonderfully positive and optimistic friends. Thank you positive and optimistic friends.

Back to the big, life changing studio decisions. Like painting it blue. Just because I felt like it.


Because doing what I feel like is the best part of having a studio. It's my own space where I can let it hang out and be messy, where things don't need to make sense to anyone but myself.

My studio is where I have complete creative freedom, where the only rules to follow are my own

That's why I have reminders of what that freedom and creativity looks like in my life and why it matters: being a happy, creative mom that takes leaps and fearlessly jumps like I did when I was five. And passing on that fearlessness and happiness to my son Lars (or at least not standing in the way of his happiness) is why I pursue a creative life. It makes me stronger, happier and more courageous.

And what's more important than that?

So I wish all you creative souls out there a beautiful, creative space of your own ... And hopefully it won't take four years to get it.

house tour: transformation of the "piano room"

house tour: transformation of the "piano room"

my new studio

my new studio