a day of screen printing

a day of screen printing

Truth be told, I don’t often have an entire day to screen print, focused and uninterrupted. So when I do, you can bet that I take full advantage of my time. Which, to this self-diagnosed ADD-er means running around like a decapitated chicken trying to get every possible idea formulated, all unfinished projects tied up, and a whole new line of products made and ready to launch.

At the same time.

Which is kind of impossible.

But whatever. That’s how I roll.

So I want to give you a glimpse into what goes on when I’m in my high-octane production mode.

First up is working on the designs, which are currently all about irregular geometric shapes. This is the most obsessive part of the process because it entails cutting up small, irregular shapes out of tape and sticking them onto clear acetate in ways that I hope will be amazingly awesome.

So after a while of working on this (like five minutes), I waddle on over to the washout station and “reclaim” some old screens. This essentially means taking a shower with a power washer.

As a side note, most of the photos of myself are in black and white because I just think I look better that way.

Next, I start work on a new repeat pattern, which means I have to get everything lined up perfectly. I'm a firm believer in doing this without the help from any fancy fandangled computer program like photoshop and its high-tech, easy to make straight line "guides." In my low-tech world, making a repeat pattern is hard to do. Like really hard. Plus, I'm trying to insert a second color into the repeat, so it will be really obvious if things are even a little bit off-kilter. It had better work, that's all I'm saying.

As another side note, I am always smiling when I'm screen printing because, for those of you that don't know it, screen printing is really fun. I didn't smoke anything funny beforehand.

While the ink is drying on my two-color repeat pattern, I start printing my new brick design onto linen, to be made into a beautiful pillow or cool napkins. This requires loud music of course.


As another side note, I'm printing at the Women's Studio Workshop in Rosendale, NY. It's a community printing space where I can rent time to print until my sink is installed in my garage/studio space at home. Every day they hold a potluck lunch which is a great way for the resident artists and local printers to hang out. 

After lunch it's back to taping irregular geometric shapes onto acetate. I'm trying to create another two-colored pattern with my triangle design. And it's going to be awesome, but trying to figure out where the repeat should go and how to line everything up is hurting my brain. As a side note, I'm not smiling anymore.

And the rest of the day goes pretty much the same way as described above: Design. Rinse. Print. Repeat.

Lucky for me I get to go back tomorrow for another whole day of uninterrupted printing.

I should definitely be able to launch that new product line...

my new studio

my new studio

"just for fun" triangle project

"just for fun" triangle project